Rowing for the Disinterested

All my dreams or plans of touring anywhere any way depend on living a long and healthy life. And living a healthy life means eating right and getting some exercise.

Exercise, for those of us that don’t enjoy it for its own sake, and who in their right mind really does, becomes and exercise in figuring out what we can enjoy. Or at least what we can do on a regular basis that we don’t hate too much.

For me that exercise is rowing. It’s not the most appealing of all exercises, but it is the one that I can pretend to enjoy that is the best all around workout I know of. It has the advantage of working the lower body, the upper body and the cardio system as a natural function of the exercise itself. And it can do it all without building the type of mass that lifting heavy weights will do to you.

If you like riding around on a bike (and I have one of those exercise cycles too) then keeping your muscles in shape but not getting too heavy has to be the goal. Much like running for distance, riding a bike when you are packing a bunch of muscle mass is not ideal

Imagine Rowing

So the thing is that I have a indoor rowing machine set up in a corner of my bedroom that I hop on occasionally. And by occasionally, I mean on a regular schedule that is not every day. Regularity is the catchword when it comes to exercise. You need to be on a schedule that allow your improvements to hold and to be built on.

Enough of the lesson. I get on the rowing machine for the same reason that I said. It gives me a good, hard all around workout in the quickest time. And when I use the indoor bike, I can just do a relaxed workout to kind of keep everything rolling the way I want it to.

Over the last several years this is the best way I have found, for me, to stay in shape for what I want to do when the weather is good. And it does it in such a way that I don’t lose my mind.